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There’s nowhere quite like the City. Not only is it the oldest, most historic part of London, it is the leading international financial and business centre with its own unique system of governance.

The Ward of Candlewick lies at the heart of the City and takes its name from its former inhabitants; candle-wrights, or makers of tallow and wax candles, who for centuries kept homes and business illuminated allowing domestic and commercial life to thrive.

Candlewick today remains, small but perfectly formed. The home to an kaleidoscopic array of sectors and specialisms, all leaders in industry and a vital part of the City ecosystem. Your Candlewick Ward Team work to represent you and your business on the City of London Corporation.



This is an invitation for you to play a greater role in the Ward and the governance of the City at large. No matter how large or small your business, you are a vital part of the City ecosystem and it is therefore essential that your experiences, ideas and feedback shape the work and focus of the City of London Corporation and we see our role as that of key enabler.




We believe that the residents and businesses of Candlewick Ward should have direct access to us and the work of the Corporation. If you would like to visit us at Guildhall to discuss a matter of concern or just to see and hear about what we are doing, we'd be delighted to host you. Equally, we regularly visit businesses to provide updates on our work and that of the Corporation.

Rough Sleeping

We are active in supporting vulnerable people who find themselves rough sleeping. James St John Davis has - as a member of the City’s Homelessness and Rough-Sleeping Committee - worked to see the delivery and opening of the first assessment centre for rough sleepers, the first permanent rough sleeping project within the Square Mile since City Lodge opened in 2016.


This is in conjunction with a new high support, complex needs project in Southwark. The Grange Rd project, operated by St Mungo’s, uses a ‘psychologically informed environment’ to create a comfortable, calm and progressive residential setting for former rough sleepers with complex needs.

With local authorities under significant budgetary pressure, services have been reduced or delayed, leaving many vulnerable people at risk. If you see someone sleeping rough in the Ward or wider City, please assist through the StreetLink App, website or telephone line as well as the City’s dedicated Homelessness Team – all details set out below.

DOWNLOAD tHE Mobile app: ‘StreetLink’ 

Phone: 0300 500 0914 

Email the City Corporation’s TEAM:

Image by Gunnar Ridderström


A fresh and ambitious drive for the Square Mile to become a world-leading leisure destination for UK and global visitors, workers, and residents to enjoy. The City is the birthplace of London with a unique and diverse offer. Destination City has been created to celebrate, promote, and support the Square Mile’s unrivaled history and heritage, its world-class arts and culture, and its outstanding restaurants, cafes, hotels, pubs, and bars (Candlewick is proud to host some of the finest of these establishments!) to UK and global visitors.

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The City Belonging Project is a new initiative to build a more inclusive and connected Square Mile, supporting and improving the links between inclusion, development and wellbeing networks .


The unique power of the Square Mile rests in our diversity – bringing together more than half a million people from every community to work, live, inspire and innovate within a few minutes of one another.  At its best, the City is more than just somewhere to work, but a community where everyone belongs.


James St John Davis has been working with Officers to deliver this exciting project and we've engaged a number of Candlewick-based companies to support this exciting and important initiative. If you or your company would like to join, support or just find out more about the project, please contact James

Meet The Team


 Emma Edhem

Emma is Alderman for the Ward of Candlewick, Secretary-General of the embryonic World Cyber Organisation, Barrister at No5 Chambers, Professor in Practice for Finance at Durham University and on the team involved in the proposals setting up the Modern Finance Centre at Oxford University.


Chris Boden

Chris is a voter in the Ward and has worked in the City for almost 40 years.  An accountant by background, and a long-serving member of the Audit Registration Committee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.


James St John Davis

James has worked in the Lloyd’s and London Market for over a decade. He is Chief Risk Officer of Candlewick-based Lloyd's Agent and asset management firm, Hampden.

He represents Candlewick on the Finance, Civic Affairs, Culture and Community Committees as well as the Natural Environment Board.


Our success, as your Candlewick Ward Team, is to add value to the quality of your business and your working life or your home if a resident in our Ward.


Without the business, retail, food, entertainment and personal services provided by the many smaller businesses we have in our ward, the City would be a far less pleasant and convenient place to work.


We believe that democracy is strongest when it draws out the views and opinions of the electorate and this is something that is central to our engagement with the Ward.

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