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Democracy in the City: Your Vote Matters

Your Business, Our Community:

Register as a business voter in the City.

The City of London Wards find their origins in the Middle Ages. At the time, small areas within a city were able to act as self-governing communities with their own assemblies (wardmote) and systems of public order (elected beadles). Today there are 25 Wards in the City and although their boundaries have changed throughout the centuries, they still maintain their geographic and administrative entities together with their electoral and political duties.

Voter registration gives you a seat at the table

Registering to vote means you and your organisation have a stronger voice over many areas that directly impact your work: whether that’s support in growing your business, planning new office space - or creating safe, green and bustling streets that make your colleagues excited to return to the City. Your organisation's voters can help make sure your priorities are on the agenda for the next three years.

Crucially, voter registration is a sign of confidence in the City - that our civic and democratic institutions remain strong, reflecting the diversity of the Square Mile.


Empowering staff through voter registration

Voter registration is not political - it is a visible sign that your organisation sees itself as part of the City community and allows your colleagues a say in the future of the place they work.
At a time when many have been working remotely, voter registration is a great way to re-engage staff with the City and feel a sense of ownership and involvement in City life. It can also be a useful personal development tool, allowing staff at varying levels of seniority to gain experience in a leadership role by representing the views and interests of their colleagues, your organisation and the wider sector.

How do I register?

If you work for a company or other organisation in the City, you should have received details on how to begin the registration process from City Electoral Services. If this is not the case, please get in touch. If you don't know who registers voters within your organisation, please register your interest and we will let them know you'd like to become a voter. Sole traders and partners, who are physically based in the City for work or are working remotely, may register themselves to vote. Please contact us for voter registration details.

"The City is the only area in the country in which the number of workers significantly outnumbers the residents and therefore, to be truly representative of its population, offers a vote to City organisations so they can have their say on the way the City is run."


Our success, as your Candlewick Ward Team, is to add value to the quality of your business and your working life or your home if a resident in our Ward.


Without the business, retail, food, entertainment and personal services provided by the many smaller businesses we have in our ward, the City would be a far less pleasant and convenient place to work.


We believe that democracy is strongest when it draws out the views and opinions of the electorate and this is something that is central to our engagement with the Ward.

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