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Chris has been a voter in the Ward and has worked in the City for over 40 years.  An accountant by background, and a long-serving current member of the Audit Registration Committee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, Chris has mainly been involved in the logistics, international shipping, domestic freight transport and shipbroking sectors.  Most recently, Chris has been promoting the small and micro business sector in the City and beyond.


Chris has been a member of the City of London Court of Common Council for nine years, concentrating in that time on the City Corporation’s finance, investments and health functions.  Chris is Chairman of the City's Health & Social Care Scrutiny Committee; providing statutory oversight of the local health service, and monitoring the decisions made which affect health and social care provision in the City.  Uniquely, the City has a massively greater weekday daytime population as opposed to its overnight and weekend residential numbers, and he works to ensure that both populations are adequately provided for.  This is particularly important when considering ambulance response times in case of emergency.  Chris has found that many City workers, and their employers, aren't fully aware of the general and specialised services in or near the City available to them under the 'patient choice' regulations and works to promote the health choice opportunities available within the City – as you may have seen in one of our Ward newsletters.  

Chris’ work in Local Government outside the City (where he’s Leader of his local District Council) allows him to give the benefit of that outside knowledge and experience to the City Corporation when it is dealing with its statutory Local Authority functions.



Our success, as your Candlewick Ward Team, is to add value to the quality of your business and your working life or your home if a resident in our Ward.


Without the business, retail, food, entertainment and personal services provided by the many smaller businesses we have in our ward, the City would be a far less pleasant and convenient place to work.


We believe that democracy is strongest when it draws out the views and opinions of the electorate and this is something that is central to our engagement with the Ward.

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