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Candlewick Today remains at the very heart of the City, small but perfectly formed. It is home to a kaleidoscopic array of sectors and specialisms, all leaders in industry and a vital part of the City ecosystem.


It is bounded on the north by Langbourn ward; on the east by Bridge ward; on the south by Bridge and Dowgate-wards; and on the west by Dowgate and Wallbrook wards. The principal streets in this small ward, are, the west end of Cannon-street, Great Eastcheap, and parts of some considerable lanes that run into them from the north and south, as will appear by the plan. Great Eastcheap originally took its name from a market kept there, to serve the east part of the city; which was afterward removed to Leadenhall.

By the early account we have of Eastcheap-market, and its vicinity to the ferry, or Roman trajectus, over the Thames, there is great reason to suppose this to be the first, or one of the first markets in London. In this state it continued for some ages, especially for victuals; as may be collected from the song, called London Lickpenny, made by John Lydgate, a monk of Bury, in the reign of Henry V.


Royal Philatelic Society London (“RPSL”)

Candlewick is proud to be the home of the RPSL or The Society which for 150 years has led the way in bringing together like-minded folk who collect Stamps, Postal History, other philatelic material, and many side lines like the history of collecting and ancestry.

The Society takes pride in showing what philately is and invite surfers, members and anyone from anywhere to take a few minutes and find some of the gems they offer.

  • Great displays of collections and previous lectures and presentations.

  • A library and museum catalogue second to none of books and periodicals from the very start of the hobby, also linked to the Global Philatelic Library where the search becomes worldwide and covers information in other languages, outside of our collection, which is in itself very substantial.

They are in a wonderful building that is a stone's throw from the original London Letter Office in Candlewick, established in 1653. They also let out the grand rooms at the building for meetings, conferences and parties.
You can arrange a visit here:


Our success, as your Candlewick Ward Team, is to add value to the quality of your business and your working life or your home if a resident in our Ward.


Without the business, retail, food, entertainment and personal services provided by the many smaller businesses we have in our ward, the City would be a far less pleasant and convenient place to work.


We believe that democracy is strongest when it draws out the views and opinions of the electorate and this is something that is central to our engagement with the Ward.

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