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Emma is Alderman for the Ward of Candlewick, Secretary-General of the embryonic World Cyber Organisation, Barrister at No5 Chambers, Professor in Practice for Finance at Durham University and on the team involved in the proposals setting up the Modern Finance Centre at Oxford University.


She started her career in the City in 1993 when she was called to the Independent Bar, before she took her seat at No 5 Chambers. Before Emma was elected as Alderman she was a Common Councillor for the Ward of Castle Baynard where she won the Grassroot Diplomat Award for outstanding politicians in the category of Business Driver. She was the first elected Member of the City to have won the award, beating a 100 shortlisted candidates. Emma also sits on the Corporation’s Court of Aldermen, General Purposes Committee, Nominations Committee to the Court of Aldermen, Court of Common Council, Finance Committee, Efficiency and Performance sub committee for Finance, Bridge House Estates, Community and Children’s Committee, the City of London Police Authority Board, Economic and Cyber Crime Board, Professional Standard and Integrity of the City Police, and Tackling Racism Task Force. Emma is also Chairman of an international Chamber of Commerce, Court Assistant of the Woolmen, Freeman of the Educators, Vice President of the Greater London Priory Group and Chairman of the City Branch of the Order of St John. She is Co-Chairman along with her husband of the next Red Cross Guildhall Christmas Market and Chairman of the Organ Donor Awards.

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Our success, as your Candlewick Ward Team, is to add value to the quality of your business and your working life or your home if a resident in our Ward.


Without the business, retail, food, entertainment and personal services provided by the many smaller businesses we have in our ward, the City would be a far less pleasant and convenient place to work.


We believe that democracy is strongest when it draws out the views and opinions of the electorate and this is something that is central to our engagement with the Ward.

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